I'm currently offering Women's Self Defense seminars dedicated to helping you become the best in everything you do.  Working with experts in the fitness, self defense and motivational industries, my team will come to your gym, school or venue to set up an interactive workshop educating your audience with modern day techniques that will inspire, motivate and empower you.  Each seminar runs a minimum of one hour with some lasting two or more.

I'm trained and certified in Wing Chun Kung Fu, best known as the late Bruce Lee’s martial arts foundation.  I'm alsp trained in Close Quarters Combat (CQC) which focuses on self-preservation through critical strikes and explosive movements designed to incapacitate multiple assailants in a matter of seconds.  My Women's Self Defense DVD is based on my popular world-wide seminars.  My self defense DVD is a hybrid blend of different martial arts style to give you the easiest and the most effective techniques that can be applied from the parking lot to the battlefield.

The Power Abs workout is the ultimate ab workout designed for every fitness level. This dvd is based on my proven technique and routine which will trim, tone and sculpt those abs.  My no nonsense, no gimmick approach will get you the sexy abs you’ve always wanted. This “No Excuse” program is designed to maximize your ab work out whether you’re on the road, at the gym or in the privacy of your own home. - Linda Vu, CPT

Here you’ll find information on my fitness, Women's Self Defense seminars, comedy and web design.  

I'm also the creator of Sin City Salsa.  Be sure to check it out if you like to try my organic salsa.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to send me an email (business inquiry only please).  Thank you for checking out my site!

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GET THE BODY YOU WANT is a fitness motivational book that will empower your mind to axhieve your fitness goals.  The book contains work out routines for losing weight, toning exercises along with numtritional information that will prepare you menatlly and physically towards a healthier lifestyle.

It is also a fun read with some truly tragic and heartbreaking stories that will both enlightened and inspire you to take control of your life.  This book not only gives you a nutritional rmenu to follow, but also provides nuturitional research and tips  that will help you look and feel years younger natually.

My proven techniques and nutritional menu will help trim, tone and sculpt your body.  I'm going to share with you my techniques and what it takes to be in fitness shape - motivation, self-discipline and determination.  This is not a textbook to fitness, but rather a book based on what I personally do to stay fit. - Linda Vu, CPT


I'm honored to received this  plaque in appreciation for my self defense seminars overseas for the troops.

Women's Self Defense Seminar

This 2 hours interactive workshop featuring reality-based self defense from a hybrid blend of different martial arts and police training to empower you to protect yourself from serveral different types of assualts.  I will break down the techniques into 3-4 basic steps that are highly effective, yet simple to use and easy to remember.  This interactive workshop includes but not limited to:

* Situational Awarenes

* Basic principle of self defense and taking control

* Fast, simple and effective steps to take down and disarm an assailant in seconds

* Techniques and strategies to defend against knife and gun attacks

* Physical drills and scenarios

* Ground defensive techniques

* Identifying soft targets

Available for seminar with a group minimun of 8 or more.  Please email for inquiry and quotes:

Women's Self Defense DVD

$19.95 plus $5.05 s/h

Get The Body You Want Book

$19.95 plus $5.05 s/h

Power Abs Workout DVD

$19.95 plus $5.05 s/h


I've been in the comedy business for the last 18 years, working along side with my husband and comedian, Don Barnhart, as one of the managing partners for Delirious Comedy Club, House of Magic, Jokesters Comedy Club and Battle Comics.  Please look us up when you're in Las Vegas.  We're proud supporters of the military, just show your military ID for discount at any of our Las Vegas shows.  Besides my self defense tour for the Armed Forces, I had the honor and privilege to host and entertain the troops overseas on Battle Comic Tour since 2009.  

Comedians Seeking Work:

We do not have an open mic.  Professional acts are encouraged to send their EPK directly to Delirious Comedy Club or Jokesters Comedy Club.  Due to the high amount of submissions, we will only contact you if we have work available.

Battle Comics Tour entertaining the troops and diplomats

in Amman, Jordan

Entertaining the troops in Saudi Arabia

Entertaining the troops in Djibouti, Africa


Entertaining the troops in Bahrain

Making them laugh at Moron Air Base in Spain

Hosting Battle Comics Middle East Tour

Entertaining the troops in Japan


Self defense seminar in Katterbach, Germany

Self defense seminar in Brussels, Belgium

Self defense seminar in Milldenhall, United Kingdom

Self defense seminar in Brunssum, Netherlands