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Thanks for checking out my website. Here you’ll find my fitness info, seminars, acrylic landscape artwork, photography, web/graphic design along with my production company info.

Fitness Info - Whether you want to loose weight, get toned, or want those perfect abs, whatever your goals may be, I’m committed to helping you achieve your personal goals and that’s a promise!  My fitness motivational CD ENERGY HOUR is now available along with my POWER ABS workout DVD.  Please be sure to check back on my upcoming fitness book GET THE BODY YOU WANT.

Seminars - I'm currently offering a series of self-empowerment seminars dedicated to helping you become the best in everything you do.   Working with experts in the fitness, self defense and motivational industries, my team will come to your gym, school or venue to set up an interactive workshop educating your audience with modern day techniques that will inspire, motivate and empower you.  I also just realeased my new Women's Self Defense DVD based on my world wide seminars combining a hybrid blend of different martial arts style to give you the easiest and most effective techniques that can be applied by the parking lot to the battlefield. 

Original Acrylic Landscape Artwork - All my landscape artwork are from my travels, places that I fell in love with and moments that I treasured.  Every painting is an original artwork and absolutely no duplications.  I'm also offering prints of my artworks.  I hope my art reminds everyone the simplicity and beauty of life and nature.  I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoy creating them.

Photography Service - Professional photography service for: actors, comedians, singers, models or anyone who may need one. I also offer a photo touch-up service to enhance your natural features and beauty for a perfect photo.  Click on the photography link to see the different packages available and samples of my photography.

Graphic and Web Design - Create your website and start your business today!  Expert in Advanced Photoshop for any CD’s, DVD’s, promo, movie poster, flyers, banners and miscellaneous designs.  Get the design that'll get you noticed and will help you suceed!  My job is to put your idea and make it come to life.

Production Company - I work along side with my husband as producer of our company, DON BARNHART ENTERTAINMENT (DBE), which specialize in independent film, television production and entertainment booking agency.  You can check out our first indie feature called CHINA DOLLS and Season Two of the comedy series THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH COMEDY SHOW.  DBE recently finished production on The Ice House 50th Anniversary Comedy Special, featuring their top pick of comedians as well as our new documentary movie, Finding The Funny.  We are also currently in pre-production with our next film FREELOADER, which is a hilarious comedy movie.  Check out our official production company link on the contact page for more information.

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